Jan/Fev 2020 , Tokyo University of the Arts
Room 502

Finished or unfinished paintings, sculptures or objects, with a clear and direct trace of their material and surface, seem to expose and contain the whispers and virtues of the landscapes that surround us all, anywhere. This visual search for tensions and movements reflects a silent question about our position as human beings, and the predominance of nature.
Conversations between objects, lines and configurations take place in the space, allowing those who pass by, to contemplate or exist in places visited or to be visited.

“Alpendre” reflects the intimacy of a journey of four years dedicated to Japan, driven by the aspiration of moving away from the place of origin. This installation inevitably ends up showing a personal journey from Portugal to the east, which started from a total and honest appreciation of the pictorial universe of painting and ended up turning into a poetic and meditative trajectory on its positioning.

Photographs by Ujin Matsuo