Solo exhibition: after Artist-in-Residence
Space of Time Gallery, Beijing - China 
12th May - 27th July 2024 

“That first day, I picked a fallen apricot.”

If the everyday fallen apricots introduce the cyclical nature of life, in which continuity is reflected in the regular occurrence of this event, they also introduce a moment of change and impermanence. It mirrors the passage of time, the change of season, while daily rituals or routines provide a sense of continuity. The unexpected dropping or loss of the apricots symbolise the fluid and unpredictable nature of existence.
Both continuity and longitude refer to the concept of continuous measurement of the distance from the east to the west around the Earth’s surface. It signifies the unbroken sequence of points along a specific line of longitude, forming a continuum that extends from one pole to the other. While continuity traces the passing of time; longitude marks the physical distance.

Entering the exhibition courtyard, a continuous line of green-painted rocks is subtly embedded into the pebble courtyard floor. The site-specific installation titled “10:40am”, a line informed by its time where the daylight and shadow marks the opening phase of the exhibition, also draws the physical connection from the apricot tree outside the gate to the gallery room. In the gallery room, the suspended paintings, side by side, front and back, echo an attentive look at the surrounding landscape of the gallery where the trees and the river flow in green during springtime. The positions of the artworks require discovery and movement through the gallery space with different levels and directions of viewpoints. 

Exhibition Room


Photographs by Ash James